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Lg Dvd Recorder, The Swiss Army Knife For Your Tv

Reviewing: Lg Dr787 T Dvd Recorder  |  Rating:
By zathras on
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The DR78748T is an excellent "jack of all trades" for your TV. So what all does it do? It is a DVD player that upconverts to high definition to make older DVDs look better on a High Def TV. It is a DVD recorder with two sets of standard inputs, a DV input for your camcorder, along with a cable input and the ability to record OTA digital broadcasts. Which brings me to the main reason I purchased this unit to begin with - it has a built in HDTV/SDTV tuner to receive digital quality channels over an antenna. Unfortunately like all current DVD recorders with a built in HDTV tuners - it receives HDTV signals but it shows it in standard definition scaled up.

We have recently cancelled our dish and were looking for an additional digital receiver when I happened upon the LG on sale for just a little more than just the receiver. So I was able to replace multiple pieces of equipment and simplify my setup a good bit.

Build quality seems to be very good - the front only has a physical power button. The rest of the "buttons" light up on a touch panel when you touch it - so they aren't visible all the time. This is actually a nice feature since our 16 month old son is button crazy. The DVD player has played every disc I have tried and the few DVDs I have recorded work in my other players and the quality is very good.

I would highly recommend this unit!