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Lg Env Touch

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snowman13 By snowman13 on
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LG Env Touch

I have had the LG Env Touch for about a year and a half now and the phone is great but there are some parts about the phone that are not so great. I will start with the cons, first of all the touch screen is terrible, but I have seen other Env Touches that have touch screens that work fine. I do not drop my phone much but damage it but the touch screen is completely un reliable. Sometimes I will touch the bottom and it clicks something at the top of the screen and texting on the touch screen is a nightmare. Also it seems to glitch out a lot, it is hard to explain but the screen will go many different colors and will not be able to use. It also turns itself off which is very annoying. One more glitch is does is after setting my background to a picture when it turns off by itself it will go back to all default settings. So to sum up the cons the only thing is the touch screen and the glitching. Now with the pros, the phone is super easy to work and very good for texting, it gets great service most places and the call quality is wonderful. Battery life is good it usually lasts a day and a half for me and im a constant texter. The design of the phone is really nice and the fact that it's a flip for keyboard instead of slide is awesome. Web works really well with it and the phone is all around reliable for anything that's not custom settings.

Overall I give the phone a 7/10 because the reliability, durability, and how easy it is to work is great but its has some minor flaws.