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Lg En V Touch Review For Verizon

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The LG EnV touch really shows what LG and Verizon can do together successfully. Being part of the EnV series the design of the phone is not brand new, Two displays, one on the front, and one inside when you flip open to the 'qwerty' keyboard. In order to make this review simple I will separate the Pro's and Con's of the phone and describe each so you have the best experience possible when looking for a new phone.


Extremely large front display. Touch screen!

Simple 3 button interface on the front (Send, Clr, End)

Good touch screen responsiveness.

Large 'qwerty' keyboard on the inside.

Easy to type up sentences quickly with all punctuation

Two nicely designed menu styles, I prefer the non default setting but many prefer the default.

Extremely simple design, could make a great first phone for any kid, minimal teaching required.

Large text message inbox/sent box.


Some people have reported the phone randomly restarting itself during use, or while in their pocket.

New contract from Verizon now requires all users to get a data plan with phones such as the EnV touch, this is at least an additional 10$ monthly fee.

Sometimes the battery is moody, usually lasts long though as long as you are not web browsing.

Obviously in this review the positives greatly outweigh the negatives and that is why I gave this phone such a good review. the 10$ monthly fee might be tedious but it can be well worth it. Having internet access at any time is nice but can be slow. Other than that I absolutely love this phone, its very reliable and useful out in the world, and I can always counts on it to pull through.