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Lg Fusic Cell Phone

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I love this phone. Before getting this phone, when it was time to renew our plans and get new phones, I did a ton of research on what I wanted and I made a list. At the time I didn't have a digital camera or an ipod so I wanted my phone to have everything, if possible and this does! I love this phone still to this day and I've had it for quite a while.

It has a 1.3 mega pixel which doesn't sound like a lot, but it takes good pictures. I have even printed some of them and they turned out quite well. It also has a spot for a memory card where you can download music from online or from your own cd's and listen to them with the special headphones that came with the phone, they double as hands free which is nice.

The front of the phone is pink, it's my favorite color and another reason I originally chose this phone because it has interchangable face plates. They are all included. There's the pink that I have on it, black, a pretty blue like show on the box and then a limey green that is metallic.

Depending upon what sort of package you buy for your plan is dependant upon what you can do with your phone. I have something in my plan so I can go online as much as I want which I do all the time. One time my dad and I were at the mall and he needed to call his insurance agent, but couldn't remember his number so I googled the guy and he was able to call him.

It also has this special feature where you can program, easily, your arrow buttons as your favorites so for me when I press up it goes directly to texting. Which I text a lot and it has the T9 Word thing that helps choose what word you want. For me I can scroll down or easly delete a word or the entire text. It has a ton of happy faces and you can pre-program phrases or words you say a lot. And for the words that you do use a lot it will automatically insert them for you sometimes which I think is funny. It's like my phone knows what I'm going to say!

So when I press down it goes to this Sprint only fuction that tells me the current weather, anywhere I want it to. I have saved into there our favorite zip codes and then I can easily tell you what the weather is like currently or a week from now. It also has updated sports scores, which my husband loves. It tells me movie show times, the current news for local, world, political, wierd, science, celebrity and also technology and late and breaking news. Then there are things that you can upgrade and buy like the navigational tool which is like a GPS but for your cell phone. Or dictionary/thesaurus, and other things that I can't think of right now. It also lets me know how the stocks are doing and you can save into it what you currently have.

This phone does do a little bit of everything! It is definitely amazing. It's very clear when you talk or hearing from the other end. You can save different pictures and ringers for each person if you want. You can listen to music and start it from the front buttons. The camera is on the back.

The only problem I've had with this is I had to replace the battery. I have recently dropped my cell about five times onto paved road and nothing happens. It still works fine. Oh and another feature I use a lot is the speaker phone. It also has blue tooth in it and voice call recognition so I can tell it to call someone without using buttons and such which is nice when I'm driving. I am sure that I've missed some things, but this is super long and I hate to bore you! I do recommend the phone. My only complaint really is that it isn't comfortable of a design if you wanted to hold the phone to your shoulder and talk for a long time. That really isn't a big deal to me though. And even though the phone is white it doesn't get dingy or peel the color. Mine is stuper clean and I'm not careful with it anymore.