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Lg Fusic For Sprint

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Tristan Cole By Tristan Cole on
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This phone is great. I am a fan of LG phones and this phone is no exception. The LG Fusic is made to be a music phone, hence the name, and lives up to its expectations. It sounds great, looks great, it has great reception, and is pretty durable. When I first was going to buy this phone, the guys at the Sprint kiosk in Sam's Club said it was a bad phone. They wanted me to get the Sanyo Katane because it had the best reception and was new and durable. My mother got that phone, and I got mine. Guess which one was better?

First, I love the looks of this phone. I like the interchangeable faceplates and the color. I sometimes wish it was black, that way it would not get so dirty. I still love the white though. The phone itself comes with 4 faceplates in black, blue, green, and pink. Also a headphone adapter (w/ microphone built in) for the phone, a pair of earphones, and a 64mb MicroSD card. They are all great accessories. The phone unfortunately can only store up to a 1gb MicroSD card, the manufacturers say. I have not tested this.

The reception on this phone is amazing. Even when I have 1 bar, I still hear a crystal clear voice. If the phone has no bars, it still dials out and sends messages while still keeping a good sound. The music also sounds good coming from the speaker. It could be louder, but it is good enough. The speakerphone is of great quality also. The phone is also pretty durable. I have dropped it a couple times on various surfaces and have yet to see a scratch or a dent. The battery cover wasn't even popped off. The display is vibrant and great.

The camera on the phone is sub-par. It is OK for taking videos, but for pictures, it only takes a few good ones. It does have different camera modes though which are reallu cool to mess with. The battery life on the phone is also very good. I can listen to music in the morning, talk for a couple hours, text, then listen to some more music and still have some battery left. I do wish you could put your own custom ringtones on it through the computer though.

Overall, I recommend this phone to anyone. It is a GREAT phone at a GREAT price.