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Lg Rumor 2: Bigger But Only Slightly Better

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The Sprint LG Rumor 2 only offers very slight improvements from the original Rumor.Let's begin with the good. The phone is slightly larger - bigger, brighter screen, larger buttons, the letters and numbers are also larger and easier to read when dialing or texting and the camera quality is clean and much more clearer and brighter.

Sadly the video camera capabilities were removed from the 1.3 megapixel camera.

The phone has several new higher levels of volume for calls and speakerphone which are significantly better than the first Rumor.

You have online browser access, but I'd say avoid wasting your money. The browser is slow, doesn't load sites well, and you're really only using it to flip through Sprint approved sites for basic information. Updating your Facebook or logging into AIM or YIM is nice but go for the cheaper alternatives by setting up Facebook or AIM mobile if you have free texting.

Battery life is great. I do heavy texting and I notice the first Rumor battery would drain fast through the course of the day however the Rumor 2 can keep up with me.

This is perfect for people who do a lot of texting because the slide-out keypad is very convenient and easy to use. They added some extra buttons for new symbols and emoticons as well.

Its also compatible with micro SD memory cards incase you want to take stuff off your phone (but you could always just pay for picture mail and send them to other people or email addresses).

A cool feature they kept was voice memo. Let's say you're outside on the move and get a call - someone's telling you something important. While on the call you just turn on voice memo and record the person then play back later for the info you needed.

Overall, while it does have a few much needed improvements, it also lacks in some aspects so I'd say go for another phone because the LG Rumor 2's price is way too high.

Update On Aug 21, 2009: I'm not sure why but apparently this phone also has a glitch, error code 1-22 where a photo is always in your album and if you try to remove it, it resets your phone. You have to call Sprint to restart your phone. I haven't seen any negatives from it, but it can be a little annoying if you accidentally try to delete the non-existant picture that the phone claims exists. You'd think this thing would work better considering video was removed.

Other functions on the phone in terms of the camera abilities allow you to take pictures in black and white, negative and sepia, you can also set it to put funny frames over people's faces like cartoonish blonde hair or a clown or pirate face. I doubt you'll get much use out of those though, its so limited and seems like it would only amuse a small child.

Update On Feb 28, 2010: Two annoying procedures though with this device is updating or resetting. If you reset the phone, it takes like 10 minutes or so to start up again. And in terms of upgrades, sometimes it won't directly download so you have to do it via home PC and stuff so if you don't have much tech experience you'll probably be on the phone for a while with Blackberry support.