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Lg Tu500 A Lagging Nightmare...Tech Nightmare.

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theuniguy By theuniguy on
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A good few months ago i was given a mobile phone from a friend due to only recently being given a new contract with his service provider. First i'll start off with the good points. Sure the phone is a flip phone, it isn't too bulky, has a display both on the front and inside, has a rasonable 1.3mp camera, a few games and is quite durable.

But thats where it ends. This phone has major issues with a few things, and one of these is... lag. If you are unaware of what lag" is, it's how slow it can get, trying to process simple tasks. Examples of this are looking at photos or deleteing anything. After pressing to view a photo, it appears 4 - 5 seconds later, and when sifting through photos, it makes everything take forever. Even after reformatting the phone and micro sd car, everything is still slow, and doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Other isues with the phone include the ringtones and "built in" games. Ringtones are limited to 30seconds, which makes having a song a big problem. The emphasis on this phone is using the phone "as is", as a few rubbish ringtonse are avaliable, with an endless supply to "buy for a low price".

The games aren't too bad, however adding games through your computer or via downloading can get a bit complicated, and this is a must, as all games on the phone are demos that barely last 5 minutes.

Luckily this phone is getting a bit older, so you should hopefully not have this as an option next time your shopping.