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Lg Vu: A Little Too Basic

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feyaya By feyaya on
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I have been using the LG Vu for about one year now. Initially, I was ecstatic about this phone as it was my first touch screen phone. Needless to say, I am looking forward to my next touch screen! This phone is basic, but a little bit too basic if you are into having a high functioning cell phone that can do more than make phone calls.

The size of the phone is great. It fits nicely in my hand and never feels like I don't have a good grip on it. It is lightweight, which is nice; however, upon handling what I would like to be my next phone purchase (Samsung Impression), I prefer a more solid feel. Unforturnately, the Vu tends to feel a bit "cheap" after handling the Samsung. As far as the phone's features, that is where it becomes a little too basic. It has a calculator, calendar, alarm clock and all the standards, but it lacks features that makes the phone stand out. The only thing that DOES give the phone a little punch is the TV feature; however, you would need to subscribe to a worthy data plan to avoid outrageous charges.

One thing I absolutely do not like about the Vu is the touch functionality, especially for texting. I had a really hard time using the QWERTY to the point that I gave up on that option and only use the predictive text (and this is coming from a person with small fingers). Yet even with that, the touch will sometimes "stutter" or get stuck and end up typing the complete opposite of what you want to type. If you compare the touch of an Itouch and/or Iphone on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, the LG Vu would receive a 4 while the Apple products receive a 10.

There are limited theme/color options, so other than a ringtone and wallpaper, it's hard to personalize it as much as I would like to. Call quality is great. Battery life is not so great, especially if you're a texter like I am. Text messages do not automatically save onto a memory card, so you have to manually delete messages from the inbox and/or sent folder when they get too full. The 2.0 megapixel camera quality is decent.

Overall, if you are looking for a very basic touch screen cell phone, then this would be a great option. Otherwise, if you are into the extras and prefer a solid feel, look at other options, such as the Samsung Impression or similar phones.