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Lg Vu Cellphone

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Tyler Sonsteng By Tyler Sonsteng on
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This phone, although it looks and sounds really good, is a pain to own. Sure the battery can last a few days with regular use, it has a full functional keyboard and a touch screen, but it is just completely unreliable. I have had this phone for just barely over a year, and this is my fourth unit. Thankfully AT&T has good customer service and replaces it after it breaks. Each time it broke it was a different software malfunction.

The first time the whole phone would freeze and I could only turn it off by removing the battery. Upon turning it back on it would freeze again within about 10 seconds. The second time it broke, the touch screen stopped functioning all together. Sure it would still show the display, but touching the screen did nothing, only the keyboard worked to control the phone which is not adequate to do hardly anything with. The most recent time it broke it just lost service completely. The phone itself said I had 3g service but would not allow be to make a phone call or send a text. Upon bringing it in the customer service employee said they had never seen a problem like that before and gave me a new phone.

In between it breaking though, it is a decent phone, can store about 150 texts, has an adequate camera and video camera and all around a good phone, just unreliable and not durable. I highly recommend not buying it.