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Lg Vx 8500 Chocolate

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By antf on
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I have never owned one of those fancy, new-age, MP3 playing, 3.0MP picture taking cameras. I've been relegated to phones that have been made pre-2002 (which is old. Technology stops for no one). Until one day, I found what I thought to be a good deal on one of the hottest phones on the market for Verizon Wireless; the LG Chocolate. I was absolutely ecstatic when it was being shipped. And when it arrived, I was just as ecstatic. My first new age phone! I thought it was fantastic...for about a week.

Generally, most everyone can agree that aesthetically, the phone is quite nice. But what's dissapointing is that there is a GSM version of this phone which is even thinner, and even more pleaseing to the eyes than the Verizon version. This did not bode well for the phone.

The big show about this phone is its "touch-screen" keypad on the front, which is completely silent in usage. But, I personally feel it is just a gimmick. The sensitivity has four settings, and it's quite possible to find none to your liking.

Reception was good except for a MAJOR problem I encountered. Upon answering a call, the phone didn't actually accept the call until a few moments later. In other words, I was stuck saying "Hello? ... Hello?" for a few seconds EVERY time I picked up a call. Horrid.

The phone offers lots of extras, like a 1.3MP camera and MP3 playback. I did not find anything to my interest, mainly because in order to use the Chocolate like an MP3 player, you would need to purchase a $30 set from Verizon in order to put music on and listen to it. No thanks.

Battery life was mediocre for a new phone. Maybe 3 days on stand-by.

The display was gorgeous, as is the gloss casing...when it can be kept clean. Here lies another major problem I had with the Chocolate; the gloss casing can NEVER be kept clean. Prepare for finger prints and a grimy feel at the end of the day.

And the last nail in the coffin; the recieve call button started bugging out on me. I tend to take care of my phones, but this thing was just a piece of glass.

Overall, the phone is aesthetically pleasing, and full of neat modern day features, but also too full of gimmicks and mediocrity. LG should have focused on the basics first.