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Lg Vx3200 Cellular Telephone

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derwood By derwood on
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I selected two of these phones when I originally signed up for our Verizon Wireless family plan. That was a little over two years ago, and we're still using them today.

Foolishly, I chose these phones based solely on their list of features and a few reviews I read. I didn't actually go to see them first-hand prior to placing my order. Looking back, if I had taken the time to check them out in person, I probably I would not have made the same choice.

I was only looking for a "communication device" at the time, so I didn't care that it didn't have a built-in camera or some of the other "cool" features. The only things I really wanted were something smaller than my previous phone, one that had a built-in speakerphone, and one that could provide decent volume with my headset. I was also switching wireless providers at the time, so I was hoping the coverage would be better as well. On paper everything looked great, in reality they weren't so good.

When I received the phone it was definitely smaller overall than my previous phone, but it was also quite a bit thicker. I wasn't elated with that, but I could live with it. I was also excited to try out the speakerphone, that is, until I actually heard it. I found it to be very underpowered. I'd say it's OK for use in a quiet room, but inside my car, I have to hold it within about 6 inches from my ear in order to hear it over the road noise. At that distance, I might just as well hold the phone up to my ear normally. So, the speakerphone was a disappointment as well. I then tried my headset, only to find that it was just as quiet as my previous phone. That was three hopes, and three disappointments.

The one bright point that I found was that my reception was better than with my previous phone. I'm not sure that I can attribute that to the phone, though.

During the time we've had these phones we did have a problem with the original batteries. After a few months, they would only hold a charge for a couple of hours before going dead. When we went to the local Verizon Wireless store, we were told that several people complained of this problem, and we were given free replacement batteries, so that was nice.

Ultimately, I guess it's not the phone's fault. I should have done proper research before making a long-term purchase. And, while I personally found these phones to be a disappointment, perhaps not everyone will. I learned a valuable lesson though, and when I decide it's time to upgrade the next time, I'll be sure to check things out in person before making my final selection.