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Lg Vx8350

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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I got my first cell phone over 3 years ago with a 2 year contract. Once my 2 years was up and it was time to upgrade instead of going with a free phone like I probably should have I really fell for this one. It's not small and flat like the Razr which I like because I actually know it's in my pocket. A bad thing (but funny) is the play button on the outside gets hit when you sit down so when I'd be at my aunts with her the first song on my playlist (Dir En Grey: Cage) would start playing and the beginning of that song creeps her out.

They only gave two options for color red or black. I chose the red just because I liked the out there color. The screen is nice and big on the inside I didn't have to squint to text anyone or when I got phones. Another bad thing though is I constantly hit the speaker phone because it was in a different place then as my other phone but that's not the phones fault.

The outside screen gives the option to take off the date and clock which is nice because I open my phone up all the time to check the time it never dawns on me to look on the tiny screen. The reception isn't the greatest but we live in one big verizon dead zone so once again that's not the phones fault. The battery life isn't the best but I have bad luck with electronics usually mostly dvd players, cd players and cell phone batteries. The keyboard is the basic as any other flip phone, the camera button is on the side and sometimes I took pictures of the inside of my pocket on accident.

The phone didn't come equipped with games but I honestly didn't mind. The games just seem to drain the battery life. It's very durable it has with stood dropping, getting stepped on, getting thrown into walls, chewed on, baby drooled on and it just keeps going. One bad thing that I was hoping was a feature was having different text tones for everyone but unfortantly this phone doesn't it's just the same text tone for everyone.

All in all this phone has been a good buy I hope I can get a service again to use this phone or I might recycle it let someone else enjoy it for a while.