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Lg Vx8600 : The Good And The Bad

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By joeshmo on
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This phone is slick, but maybe too slick. Its shiny black enterior is aesthetically pleasing, but it scratches easily. To combat this problem, I purchased a Shield Zone plastic sheeth. It really helped protect the phone from scratches. Without one, however, it would have been very discolored from every day wear of my pocket. There is a clear and obvious difference in aesthetic durability between this phone and the older phones. Just from holding it a few seconds, you will realize that it is delicate. The inside is also sheek in a minimalistic way. Simply, this phone is a good looking, trendy phone.

The LG VX8600 is very, very thin. So thin that if I was holding it with one hand, I was usually worried that I was going to drop it. This is a flip phone, and it flips well. I used the phone for about a year, and the hinge never showed any signs of wear or future problems. The buttons are kind of hidden, but they make sense once you get the hang of them. I would definitely recommend skimming through the manual. For instance, the volume and camera buttons are on the top half of the phone, not the bottom like with most flip phones. It is also worth noting that the keys are not raised at all. I think this makes the phone thinner when closed, but it also makes it more difficult to type at first because there is no "separation" between keys.

The phone functions very well. The reception is solid in comparison to other phones, and the battery is more than adequate. Like most lithium ion machines, the battery tends to “wear” over time and not be able to hold as long of a charge. Maybe this is characteristic of all phones, but the battery was probably cut in half when i was constantly in an extended network area, not a main Verizon network. The camera and video camera are both sharp and high-enough resolution. The text messaging is easy, but the phone only holds 50 messages in the Inbox and the Outbox. The menu and software overall is intuitive yet powerful.

The LG VX8600 is a great looking, great working phone. However, it is vulnerable to damage. This was most evident when an ounce of water short circuited it. Once I became accustomed to the small form factor, I loved this phone. If I could get it again, I would.