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Lg Vx9800

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The LG VX9800 is a somewhat blocky, awkward, and heavy phone at first, but after using it for a few weeks I grew quite accustomed to it's size, and it's weight was a nice reminder that I did, in fact, remember to bring it with me...a problem I've had in the past with smaller, more compact phones.

One thing that I think puts this phone far ahead of its competition is its durability. I have droppped this phone onto concrete many times, often from heights over four feet, and it keeps on working despite the abuse I have thrown at it. While it is not as scratch-resistant as I would like, I am certain that nothing short of a direct blow with a hammer could destroy this phone.

It has the standard features one expects these days from higher-end verizon phones, such as Mobile Web and Bluetooth, but other than that there's nothing distinctive, feature-wise, that sets this apart from similar models.

Something that has always irked me about this phone is the text message limit of 50. As soon as you have 40 texts received and stored, you receive an annoying message with each of the last 10 informing you that you are running low on storage space. While it may be useful to have this information, I was rather disappointed by the fact that more memory was not made available for text messages, especially on such an expensive phone that contains a qwerty keyboard.