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Liberty Cell Phone Plan And Service

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I have finally given in and took the plunge into the cell phone world. Now, I have a cell phone with a decent service. Although, this did not happen easily or without headaches.

I tried to use the popular cell phone services. I have spent many months researching different companies and plans. When I was ready to get a cell phone, I was refused by the more popular services. This was due to my less than perfect credit and being a first time cell phone customer.

I. finally, found Liberty Wireless. I checked with someone I knew, who had used this service, to find out if it had worked for them. After getting a good report from them and seeing this as my best option, I decided to give it a try.

Plan and Service Details

* There is no contract. When your minutes runs out, the phone will quit or you can pay direct each month from you bank account.

* If you stay on the plan, you have 30 days to use your minutes.

* You get 400 anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekends. (Nights run from 9 p.m. to 6:59 a.m. during the week. The weekend runs from 9 p.m. Friday to 6:59 a.m. Monday morning.)

* You get a free LG VI5225 Cell Phone. (Phone details are below.)

* You get free Nationwide long distance, free voice mail, caller ID, and free call waiting.

* They give you a code to check and keep track of your minutes or to load more minutes if you choose to do this.

* It uses the Sprint PCS Nationwide network.

* As soon as the phone is received, you need to call and activate the service. Plan does not take effect until this call is placed.

* Text messages use one minute for each message sent or received.

LG VI5225 Phone Details (Placed here because it is part of the plan.)

* Weight is 3.5 oz (99 g). Dimensions are 3.5" x 1.89" x 1" (89 x 48 x 25.4 mm).

* Battery is a LiIon950 mAh. Battery life in talk time is 2.5 hours (150 minutes). It will stay on standby: 192 hours (8 days).

* Phone book holds 200 phone numbers.

* Support English and Spanish languages.

* Has vibrate, standard ring, or musical ring which ever you prefer. There are several musical ring tones to choose from. You can also customize this to suit your own needs.

* Multiple numbers allowed per contact is 5 up to 600 numbers total.

* Two way text messaging is supported on this phone.

* It has caller ID, an alarm, a calendar, and a tip calculator which will do only basic math.

* Graphics are customizable, but it is not a camera phone.

* It displays date, time, and alerts you of an incoming call on the little window when cell is closed.

* It has a 2.5 mm headset jack to allow you to use a headset.

This plan and phone are basic and were just exactly what I was looking for in a cell phone plan. I wanted my cell phone for emergencies. For my purposes, the plan and the phone was just what I needed and wanted.

My Problems In the Beginning

OK, now if I had gotten a good phone from the beginning it would have been a great experience. However, I got a phone which was junk. I found this out after several unsuccessful attempts to get this phone to activate.

During this original battle, the customer service was a mess. They were rude, and were not ver knowledgeable about this service or how to get it working. Nothing got better until I finally got so mad that I was about ready to cancel my service. This is when the manager took over and started a plan which not only worked but was of great benefit to me.

He special ordered me a new phone, which came really fast; he gave me 30 extra courtesy minutes; he gave me extra time on my first month; and he apologized for my troubles and set out to fix his customer service problems. When I called back a bit later to let him know everything was working great, the woman who answered the phone was much nicer to me then she had been in the past.

Problems are going to happen. We can't expect that companies are perfect, but it is nice when our problems are dealt with and handled in a professional manner. The efforts of this manager is why I gave this company a higher rating then I would have if he had not did what he did.

My Recommendations

I would not recommend people who can use the popular service try this one. This plan and service are meant for those who can't get a cell phone through these other services. This is a much better service then the regular pre-paid services.

If you must use this service, make sure to understand the plan first. If you get your phone and it doesn't work, call them and make sure they understand your problem. If the customer service rep is rude or not helpful, ask to speak to the manager or someone in charge.

I am using this service because it is the best one available to me. I was treated fairly in the end, and I now have a great service and cell phone which meets my needs.

Update On May 26, 2008: We have had to cancel this service. The valley we live in is not compatible with the Sprint PCS service which Liberty subscribes to. It does not offer proper coverage because there are no sprint towers even close to us. Just because something is suppose to have national coverage does not mean that it will actually work in all areas.

Please, before using this sevice, check to see avalability at Sprint - Nationwide Coverag for your particular area.

The search for a cell phone service continues for us.