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We considered purchasing an HDTV in the past. However, we could never justify retiring a perfectly good CRT. Noting that every one of our friends, even the most frugal one, had upgraded their televisions, we decided it was time to step into the times. We started shopping.

After doing tons of research and footwork on HD LCD televisions, we finally decided on a new LG 47LH90 LED LCD Flat Screen HDTV.

Originally, we were set on purchasing another LCD. However, we came across the LG after I heard talk about LED (Light-emitting diode) televisions on a radio talk show. They are supposed to be the latest and greatest in LCD technology. However, they are expensive. The LG was on sale and we had to wait a month to get it on backorder.

Before we actually laid the money on the table, we decided to do a little more research. Generally, we found there are very few brands to choose from where LED is concerned. Price ranges in the mid to high $2000’s and up for over 46 inches.

Specifically, there are two types of LED to consider Edge or Full screen LED. At this time, most LED televisions are edge lit. The LG LED is full screen.

LED LCD televisions are thinner and lighter than your average LCD televisions. They are great for the environment and your pocketbook, as they use less energy. Our LG is 4 and 1/5 inches deep (15 2/3 with stand) and weighs only 56 lbs (51.8 lbs without stand).

You may be wondering about the LED technology. It gives you better black levels and color saturation. Once we got our LG, we bought a couple of new Blu-Ray discs to see about the black levels and if there is a difference. We found the darks and lights to be spectacular. This LG LED also senses how your room is lit and adjusts for that with its intelligent sensor mode. They also offer richer color on the spectrum with a higher dynamic contrast (the LG is 2, 000, 000:1).

The 47LH90 features TruMotion 240Hz for optimal viewing of moving scenes. This technology supposedly processes images faster to make the picture more detailed. For the movies and programs, we have watched thus far, we have noted there are no picture lags or ghosts. However, while watching "Seabiscuit" there was some detail loss during certain scenes. It was minimal and does not affect our overall opinion of the television.

We just cannot get over the detail and clarity this LG has. It is truly awe-inspiring. You feel you can literally step into the action while watching. Apparently this is because of this LG has full HD 1080p (the p is for pixel resolution); double that of standard HDTV’s, which sharpens details. The maximum resolution on the 47LH90 is 1920 x 1080.

I could go on and on about the product specifications, but those aside, this 47LH90 was the best television purchase we have ever made.

Some general features I would like to tell you about that I really like are found in design and hook up. This LG has four HDMI, 2 composite and component inputs, a USB and PC input, RF antenna, and an audio output. With all of this, I thought we would have a mess of cords exposed. This LG LED LCD has a handy cord keeper, which keeps your hookups gathered and streamline down the center of the television. If you use the stand, you cannot see the cords at all unless you look at the back of the TV.

Another design I like is the general appearance of it. The frame is glossy, which is not my preference, but it has a smoky grey overlay that borders it. This makes the television look sleek and very high tech.

The LCD screen itself is matted so you only have a glare on the frame. Where we have the TV positioned, the frame glare is not bothersome. You can see what I am talking about in my images.

While reading other reviews on the 47LH90, many spoke of a sound lag when they hooked up their TV to their surround systems. We hooked ours up as they did with an optical cable and have not experienced any sound lag at all. Apparently, LG has remedied this issue.

The LG does have speakers, which are adequate for watching television. However, at only 10 watts per channel, they do not have the rich boom you get from a home theatre with a sub. Thankfully, we have what we need to get that heart pounding movie theatre sound without having to purchase anything else.

We are so pleased with our new LG LED LCD 47" HDTV. Now we could never go back to our old CRT. In fact, we gave the old TV to grandma and recycled her older CRT.

If you are in the market for a new LCD, you should give the LG LED a look.