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Lifesavers is a very famous brand of candy that comes in mint and fruit flavors. It comes in a distinctive foil wrapping which deviates from most candies which use cardboard or plastic. It was called lifesavers because of the shape of the candy which looks like lifesavers used in swimming.

The candy was made in 1912, chocolate manufacturer Clarence Crane. Crane sold the rights to the peppermint candy to Edward Noble and in 1913, the Life Savers Candy Company was born. It expanded quickly because of the owner crwating a wide distribution chain. The first five-flavor roll was created in 1935.

Lifesavers five flavor comes in

Blackberry Cherry Pineapple Raspberry Watermelon What I like about this package is that it is very affordable. It comes at only 42 cents per roll. The roll is also very sharable to friends and family. I also like the fact that there is plenty of variety in the five flavor roll. The candy itself also tastes very good and not too sugary or tastes too artificial like some candies. I mean at seventy three years of existence, one cannot go wrong with the Lifesavers five flavor roll.