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Lifesize Elmo Doll Comes To Life!!!

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By Geralyn Hydock on
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My little grandson, Cooper, adores Elmo. He had no Elmo dolls therefore GG (Grandma Geri, ) had to go out and find one for him. It could not be any ordinary Elmo, it had to be spectacular. While surfing on e-bay oneday, I came across this 36" laughing Elmo doll and I had to win it. Not wanting to wait for six more days till the auction was up, I asked the seller if they would consider a buy it now. To my surprise, they offered me one at $7.00 plus shipping. It came to a little over $10.00.

In order to surprise Cooper, I set the life sized Elmo in his chair in my living room. The next day, Cooper came over and went out into the living room and to his surprise he found Elmo sitting in his chair. He immediately fell in love with this giant, cuddly stuffed doll. This Elmo measures in at 36" long and he was made by Fisher Price in 2002. Despite his age, Elmo is in excellent condition. It actually looks as if he was never played with before.

Elmo is not only a stuffed doll, he talks and giggles. When you first tickle him, Elmo says, "Elmo's a little ticklish there, " and he then giggles. When you tickle him again, he giggles and says, "Elmo loves being tickled." The third time you tickle him, he cracks up and says, "That spot tickles Elmo the most!" Everytime he laughs, Elmo also wiggles. If you don't tickle him right away, he says, "Tickle Elmo again." After that, there is about a minute pause and then he says, "Good bye, " and he giggles one last time.

This is such a sweet toy. There is no plastic on this Elmo, he is all soft and cuddly. My little grandson, Cooper, loves his Elmo. He loves to drag him all over the house. We now have two toddler chairs in GG's living room. One chair is for Cooper and the other one is for Elmo. If you can find one of these guys I totally recommend him! He is a rare doll!