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Lifesource B.P.Monitor For Accurate Readings

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By akhil on
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Last year when I was going home on vacation I thought of buying a blood pressure monitor and give it to my parents as we don't get these monitors extensively in India. Though they don't have any blood pressure problems, it is always advised for the people above 40, 45 years to get the blood pressure checked often. I bought a blodd pressure monitor from Lifesource brand. It is a very good device for checking blood pressure and it is very easy to use. I just told my parents a couple of times how to use it and they are doing it by their own. The pack consists of a monitor, a cuff and an inflator bulb. The monitor is so small that it conveniently fits in the palm. It works very well and gives accurate readings every time. The cuff is made of a very durable cloth and it is very strong and so it lasts a long time. The straps given for this cuffs are also very perfect and they hold the cuffs tightly while taking the readings. The inflator bulb and the connecting the bulb to the monitor are also made of very fine quality rubber and they don't give the slightest crack or doesn't form a single hole for a long time. Despite being very strong, this bulb is very soft and it doesn't make us feel uncomfortable while squeezing repeatedly for taking the reading. The small monitor comes with a button which on a single pressing goes on and off. It doesn't consume much charge and it needs just a single small battery which doesn't need to be changed more often. The whole pack is very small and can be taken anywhere along with us easily. My parents are happy that I gave them this device and I am happy that it is working well and it is giving accurate readings.