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Andiamo Aerospace Luggage was mentioned in a Consumer Reports article in the mid 1990s as being the most indestructible luggage they had ever tested. I was doing a lot of travelling at that time to an airport which was notorious for rough baggage handling and I was sick of sending my luggage out for repairs.

I had to search around to find them, but eventually I found both sizes of Aerospace cases (21" and 28").

These cases are made of GE Xenoy 5200 Thermoplastic Resin which was developed for the use in automobile bumpers. They are chemical resistant, airtight, and waterproof. The strength of the cases has been confirmed by my experience. I have had no damage whatsoever.

These cases are basically empty boxes. Thankfully, I was able to find the optional custom luggage straps for my large case. These straps allow you to pack each side of the open case and then close it without things falling all over the place. Without the straps, you need to be very careful when packing and unpacking or use bags or something like Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes to keep your clothes organized.

The small case (List Price $190) is roughly 22 x 17 x 10 inches. The large case (List Price $447) is 29 x 24 x 10. The interior dimensions are smaller because of recesses for the handle and other features. The large case has four removable casters (which I seldom use).

Just like with Model T Fords, you can have any color you want as long as it is black. The color is molded into the resin and won't scuff or chip off.

Drawbacks: At about 7.5 and 14 lbs the cases are a bit heavy. They don't have fancy pockets inside. The spring-loaded thumb latches really hurt if you are not paying attention and then snap your finger. They seem to draw more interest from security and customs officials than more traditional looking luggage. They are fairly expensive (but make me an offer, LOL).

These cases served me well for many years, but now I prefer canvas Parachute Bags and Pack-it Cube organizers as my luggage (they are lighter and more flexible).