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Lift Spirits Using Aromatherapy Growing Kit

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I really enjoy gardening a great deal. It is great to find gardening kits that can be used indoors. One of my favorite hobbies is to garden indoors. With the aromatherapy growing kit, I get to garden indoors and enjoy the kit as well. It is a great deal of fun to use the aromatherapy growing kit that is completely reusable. I like to use the aromatherapy growing kit in my bathroom for gardening fun and home décor. The kit goes extremely well with my bathroom décor.

Porcelain Tray and Pots

I ordered my aromatherapy growing kit from online. I received the porcelain tray which holds the aromatherapy growing kit pots. The entire set is a matte white color that blends well with my bathroom décor. I like that you can put the aromatherapy growing kit in any room of your home for decorating because the color goes will with any theme.

The tray is four and half inches wide by eleven and half inches high. The pots fit perfectly in it. This is great for displaying the aromatherapy growing kit and for making certain that no water leaks onto furniture when you grow the garden. There are three pots for the kit that are three and half inches round and three inches high. These are the perfect height for the indoor gardening without overwhelming the room with too much decoration.

Aromatherapy Seeds and Soil for the Kit

Now the aromatherapy growing kit wouldn’t be for aromatherapy if you could not grow some great seeds. The aromatherapy growing kit comes with chamomile seeds, lavender seeds and lemon balm. They even include organic soil for you to put in the pots for the seeds. The soil is really rich and encourages the aromatherapy herbs to grow well indoors. This makes for a perfect indoor gardening activity that can be grown virtually any time of the year. I like that mine is the bathroom because there is a window and a sun light in the bathroom. This gives the seeds plenty of light to grow well in the organic soil that comes in the aromatherapy growing kit.

Nice Blend of Odors

One of the great things about aromatherapy is how the different scents blend together and affect your mood. The chamomile scent, lavender scent and lemon balm all blend nicely together to give the room a relaxing mood and feel to it. I like the aromatherapy growing kit in my bathroom because it is great to smell it when I am showering, putting on make-up or getting ready for the day. It is very relaxing in the evenings if I want to take a hot bath. The steam from the bathroom brings out the plants’ natural fragrances.

Fun to Do

The aromatherapy growing kit is fun to do. It is exciting to watch as the three different herbs begin to grow from the seeds. I like that it is a very rewarding indoor gardening experience to have and I get the benefit of relaxing with the herbs when they obtain some size to them.


I found my aromatherapy growing kit online. The cost was around $45. However, it is well worth it. There are enough seeds to do this indoor gardening several times. You can always reuse the pots, tray and organic soil to plant different aromatherapy herbs as well. The pots and tray are of top quality and look elegant in my bathroom.