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Light Easy Iron Old One Works Great

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This older model of the Black & Decker Light & Easy Iron is really good. I’ve read that the new ones aren’t so great.

I checked to see if this iron is still made, and found that there is a model with this name. The design has been changed, and perhaps with that change, some of its quality was lost.

But, speaking for this particular model, I’ve been very happy with this iron. In fact, I’ve owned three of them. Our first one died years ago after a long life of hard work for an active family. I bought another one for myself, and one for a son in college. That one came home again after he graduated, so I probably have a lifetime supply of these. Works for me!

I injured my right shoulder long, long ago. Now don’t feel too sorry for me; it hasn’t slowed me down much. But I am right handed, and it makes some things a little more difficult. One of these is ironing. If I use a heavy iron, that shoulder just aches and howls. But this iron is not too heavy, and yet it does a good job of ironing fabrics. It weighs just two pounds

It has 7 settings from 1-3 which are not steam settings, to 4-7 which work with the steam. There is a chart under the handle to guide you in the number setting for various fabrics. The selector is just a slider, so you can adjust the temperature to just where you want it.

There is a button to push down or release up for no steam or steam. And there is a spray function with a simple push button which works great.

The iron balances nicely and does not have any tendency to tip when sitting upright. The cord is 8 feet long.

This is a low-end iron without a ton of bells and whistles. Most notably there is no automatic shut off, so you do have to remember to turn it off or unplug it. I have always used distilled water in my irons so that they don’t get gunked up on the inside with mineral deposits. I know that makes a difference in how well any iron will work.

I read on another site that the new version of this model leaks and does not glide on fabrics well. I don’t know about that. The new one costs $22. But I would say that if you see this particular one at a yard sale or thrift store that you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it. I’ve had good luck with three of them