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Light The Torchlight

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dr_hockey By dr_hockey on
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Torchlight is a well-known RPG for all you steam users out there. On day 7 of Perils of Summer, I picked up Torchlight off the shelves. Now I’m not really an RPG kinda guy; I’ve loved first person shooters my whole life. This was a whole new experience for me. So I’m going to do a quick and easy review on Torchlight.

First time launching the game the menus look decent. “Create Character, Load Character, Settings, Credits”. Pretty easy, not too complicated. So now I chose Create Character. There are only three different characters you can choose from? Don’t get me wrong, but that's like choosing between chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. What if I want cookie dough or avocado flavors? I would rather walk into a Baskin Robins than a store which only carries three flavors. So I chose a character that I didn’t like and started the game.

Wow, simply amazing. The gameplay is phenomenal! You can walk anywhere you want, customize your character from shoulder plates to duel wielding weapons with thousands of combinations, and engage in epic battles all through the campaign. The gameplay really showed up the character selection! As for graphics, they are the basic sort of RPG graphics, in my opinion. Lots of detail, RPG like, and not too scattered or overdone in any fashion.

The storyline is very action packed, and adventurous as can be. From mines to forest to ember filled ruins this single player game has it all. The storyline is a bit bland at points, but for the most part it's a bit on the creative side. I still havn’t completed it yet, but so far it’s getting interesting… Don’t want to go to far into explaining the story .

I highly recommend getting this game if you are either new, or veteran in RPGs, and are looking for a new and exciting game that will last a while. (WARNING: Do not buy Torchlight if you get addicted to things easily. Any actions you make, I am not responsible for them.)