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Lightweight, Wireless And Powerful!

Reviewing: Bosch Cordless Drill (Psr 14,4)  |  Rating:
By kapman80 on
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Having been in flat for the best part of about 18 months I am ashamed to confess that up until recently my DIY excursions had been limited to painting and decorating. That has all changed following the Christmas arrival of my Bosch Wireless Power Drill. My poor flat will never be the same again, with the emergence of various holes all over the place! Having already put up 3 shelves in the space of 3 weeks I am mightily impressed with this product. It is very powerful and still light and compact enough for you to use in many tight spaces. I also have high ceilings and love the fact that I don't have to worry about tripping over cables when going up on my ladder to make more holes even higher up on my wall!

When it comes to functionality this is about as easy to use as any other power drill (although, granted, I am by no means an expert); there are also 10 different power settings and I have found that a setting of 7 or 8 is sufficient to get the job done on a solid wall. I am also impressed with the battery life as I have only charged it once since I started using it - I am not sure how long a charge is supposed to last as I tend to charge things overnight and therefore 7 or 8 hours is usually more than sufficient for most goods.

So, after a few weeks I think that my drill and I have formed a beautiful friendship and I have no doubts that it will last for some time! In all seriousness I do think that it is a great product - the robustness and power are typical of Bosch products. It has also benefited my level of expertise as I am keen to learn more about doing my own DIY improvements instead of calling someone in - it is a great hobby and will probably save me a few pennies, which is not bad in the current financial climate!