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Like Car Racing? You'll Love This.

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Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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I bought the Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano PS2 game in a set of three ps2 games and it has become one of my favorite games to play.

In this game you become a driver. You race in many different types of street races and earn XP points (Experiance Points), racing gear (helmets, suits, gloves, boots). The gear helps with how you perfomr in the race. Depending on what gear you wear could depned on if you win a race or not. As you win races you unlock new tracks, new cars, new gear, new tournaments and so on. AS you collect XP points you move up in levels. The different levels ulock different things such as race tracks and gear and cars. You can also win points to help in car speed, healing time, intimidation, and heart.

You also have a tiger effect. The Tiger Effect gives you the chance to go back in time and "do-over" an amount of time. Say you hit the wall - hit the tiger effect and you can go back a few seconds and try not to hit the wall this time. It's a great feature for emergancy fixes to races.

I keep finding myself playing this game more then most of my other games. It's such a great feeling to make it to another level (I'm at level 14 right now) or win new gear or a car. Plus the feeling of finally winning a race you've raced 20 times is fantastic. If you like racing games then this one is deffinatly a winner.