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Lillian Vernon Children's Art Set Very Nice!

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klkwid By klkwid on
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I was plesantly surprised by Lillian Vernon again! I rarely order from their catalog because it seems to be cheap, but for something like this I figured I couldn't go too wrong. I am trying to save some cash this Christmas, as most of us are I'm sure, and I have a little girl on my list who is a friend's daughter. She's 7 this year and very creative-she's an only child and always needs to be right about everything ;) I wanted to get her something nice that she'd have fun with and be able to learn with, too, because I really believe that kids need to be prompted more than they are to learn and be creative. With TV and video games, it seems like they can really turn that part of their brain off. Well, I flipped through the catalog I got in the mail from Lillian Vernon and found this personalizable art kit with crayons, watercolors, markers, oil pastels, scissors, pencil sharpener, and all sorts of other things in a plastic container that was a fun looking 2 feet long with a snap to close it and you can have the child's name put on the front for free! I ended up buying it and I was fairly hapwy with the contents when I got it-My personal thoughts on it were that the box was cheaply made and the snap was difficult to use. The supplies inside were kids quality-nothing special, but they write well for now. Safety scissors are included, as well as the shapener and everything has it's place so it was well organized. Very good for a kid-especially since you aren't going to expect it to last too long. I gave it to her last night and she was absolutely thrilled! The first thing she did was go into the other room and write me a note that read exaclty this: "I love it! thack you kris" :) Already she's using the supplies to wite words-not too bad for a 7 year old, either! She raved about it all night long and told me how she would use it for school projects, but she wouldn't bring it to school because it woudn't be fair to the other kids. LOL!

Well, Lillian, you made a little girl very happy and you saved me a good amount of money! Thanks so much!!