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Limited Edition Razor Blades?

Reviewing: Bic Soleil Triple Blade For Women ,4 Pack Limited Edition  |  Rating:
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I am not the biggest fan of shaving my legs and about the only thing I like about winter is that I can go longer between shavings as I'm wearing long pants the majority of the time. I don't let it get to the point of feeling like I have a fur rug on my legs, but ladies, you get my drift, right?

Recently I was shopping for new razor blades and was attracted to a brightly colored package from Bic for the Soleil Triple Blades for Women. This 4 pack of razors consisted of 2 each in a lovely deep orange and a deep yellow color. On the cover of the package were pictures of mangos and papayas, very tropical looking.

Upon inspecting the back of the package it stated this was a Limited Edition of Mango Papaya Razors with "scented" handles. I could almost smell them so I threw them in my cart since I also had a $2.00 off coupon. Who would think of razor blades being sold as a Limited Edition?

I've used my first razor for about a month and am happy with my purchase. The scented handles do smell great but after using them for the first few times you really have to put your nose up to the handle to still smell the fragrance.

I do like the nice curve to the handle, it fits nicely in my hand and the white rubber grip keeps it firmly there even when my hands are covered with shaving cream. I don't worry about it slipping in my hand, loosing control, and accidentally cutting myself

This disposable razor has triple blades which gives me a great smooth shave in very little time. There is a moisturizing strip on the razor but I wouldn't say that's a selling point for me. You really can't shave with it alone but it does add to the overall smooth glide over my legs. The strip contains aloe and vitamin E which helps with sensitive skin.

I think this 4 pack of Bic Soleil razors will last me for some time so I'm not sure I'll find them again since they are a "Limited Edition". I did get another $2.00 off coupon in the package to entice me to buy them again so maybe they will have different scented handles next time! I do recommend them as they aren't too expensive and my legs do look a lot better not wearing a fur rug!