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Line 6 Dl4 Delay Modeler

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Scott Fahrig By Scott Fahrig on
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I have always been a huge gear head when it comes to effects pedals, so of course I had to have the infamous "green bean". I gladly shelled out the 249.99 for it and brought it home with the eagerness of a child coming home with a new puppy from the pet store. The first time I brought this pedal to my band's practice space, I was amazed! The sweeps, the swells, the swooshes, it was heavenly!

The bliss continued for about 3 months, until I noticed some features not working like they ought to. The "Ping-Pong" delay was seemingly muted, the "Loop Sampler" couldn't regurgitate what you had recorded without slapping some out-of-time delay on it, and the tap tempo had quit working all together! I tried to exchange the pedal at the place of purchase, but it was past the time allowed by the return/exchange policy of the company. So I tried to contact Line 6. Several times. The complete lack of communication made it perfectly clear that they were no longer interested in having me as a customer.

This was by far one of the most impressive pedals I have ever seen, but now it is the biggest, greenest paperweight I own. It is now completely useless for anything but basic delay (which my $15.00 Arion could handle). If you have 250.00 dollars that you're ready to blow every couple months, and you're looking for a great delay modeler, the Line 6 DL4 is for you! But, if you're looking for a durable, dependable, road-worthy delay pedal, keep looking.