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Line Game: Lime Edition

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Today I was searching for something to do and I came across a website with a bunch of games to play. The name of the website is Notdoppler.com, it has many many games on it, but I am not reviewing the website, I am reviewing a peculiar little game I found on the website. The name of the game is Line Game: Line Edition.

The focus of this game is you, lime juice, and your goal is to get to the green light in each level. You have a certain amount of juice at the beginning of each level, usually about two hundred ml. Throughout the level there are check points that save your progress and replenish your juice. Ihave never gotten to the end of the game because it is so hard, but maybe you can.

Now, some of my thoughts on the game. I really liked the game, very original with good peppy music and sharp graphics. The only problem I had with the game is that all the levels are the same, hardly anything is added throughout the game and it is frustrating when you lose, over and over and over again. If you can get passed the repetive nature of the game and the frustration that ensues, then I think you will really like this game. I like it, but I have to stop before I punch a hole in my computer screen, and resume play later when I am not so peeved at the game.

You should really check the game out, it is free and fun. What can be better than that?