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Lineage 2 Is A The New Wo W

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Lineage2 SouthEast Asian Server is the latest Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game that stormed my country (Philippines) as well as other SEA countries (Malaysia and Singapore). Different from other MMORPGs, L2 or Lineage2 is not really able to give gamers something new. Instead, what its developers did was to highten old school MMORPG features into an entirely different level.

Perhaps banking on the worldwide popularity of the Workd of Warcraft or WoW, L2 capitalized with MMORPG formulas such as the classic combination of quest and grinding, good graphics and the usual puzzles called quests, and player versus player feature. Gamers find all of these appealing when combined with unique in-game events that basically differentiates L2 from WoW. Not to mention the single huge map element that is relatively new, the characters, UI is simple yet really effective. The use of classic elements, fire, wind, water, earth as the basis of its character classification, which by the way happens to persony middle earth lore gives both the young and the young at heart undeniable urge to try the game.

I understand that there are quite a few people who would appreciate this review, and so to put in in layman's terms, L2 is a Lord of the Rings and Star Wars world in one! It is a game worth trying, and being addicted to.