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Linkin Park Meteora

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Humm, how can i top the description of Minutes to midnight? Well, what i certainly know is that this album was a smaller one - Much smaller as it was generally sold to proper Linkin Park fans, apart from NUMB, there arn't many big tracks in this one. If you hear just a few of the tracks you will notice that they have instigated some hip hop beats, loops and sounds into their metal music. I belive the lyrics are about rebellion against opression, once again LP have given you the lyrics sheet, which is for a strong fan, a vital part of the album. I guess I will start with the first song "Don't stay" - looking at the lyrics this is telling me the story of a broken person who has been cheated and lied to and finally wants to put a stop to it. The next song, "Somewhere where i belong", a song about somone who is truly numb to the world and has only just relised it as well as finding out people around him are like this to. Onto lying from you, the exact opposite of "Don't stay" which is really powerfull seeing as LP give both sides of the story, prehaps a little one sided though. The song calls the main character a "criminal", as in a lying, cheating fauiler of life (sorry for spelling). Next we have "hit the floor", a VERY powerful song, this is true rebelation and will help anyone descovering that the evil that surrounds them in life really isn't as strong as it says it is. Easier to run, ever felt like you just wanna give up? Well, this is what the song demonstrates, somone who hates the bad coming to get them and cannot face up to it. Faint, i don't really understand this song, looking at the lyrics im guessing its about a desperate person, hanging on to everything and anything, still the tune is pretty nice! Figure 09. This one is about somone surrounded with fear and guilt, good for anyone really, as most people think they are. Breaking the habit, is about the opposite of rebellion really, someone who has thought its easier just to live along side then fight the opression. From the inside, oh god, have you ever felt alone in life? Well this is just that, where you feel no one is listning and you have so much on your chest. Nobody's listning, im not a big fan of hip-hop my self, but when you hear your fave band doing it, you end up giving it a chance, the sound sucked immensly, but the lyrics were on top AGAIN! Session is an instremental so you can say wat you like about it. And then we get on to the TUNE, NUMB, this was yet another song that brought LP fame and fortune. This song is about somone who wants to be them self, under pressure from friends or family to be somone your not! I'm sure we've all be through this, but this is definitly dedicated to people REALLY UNDER PRESSURE.

WELL THAT WRAPS IT UP, a goodish effort by linkin park, but Minutes to Midnight beats it hands down.. Thankyou.