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Lip Stain

Reviewing: Revlon Just Bitten Cherry Tart  |  Rating:
savingfordisney By savingfordisney on
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I have been wanting to try a lip stain and after reading a review for Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Stain I decided to pick some up at Wal-Mart today while doing my grocery shopping. I was disappointed to see that there were only 4 color choices and was unsure as to which color would be best for me. I wasn't sure how intense the color would be, but after 15 minutes of staring at the display I decided it wasn't THAT much of a life altering decision, picked up the Cherry Tart color and headed on my way.

After getting home and putting my groceries away I decided to try my new lip stain out. The lip stain comes in a clear plastic tube, when you remove the lid, you see that the applicator is a roller ball applicator and the stain is a liquid. Not the easiest way to apply a STAIN to your lips..I was very concerned I was going to end up with it on my face and look like I moonlight as a clown. I *think* if I continue to use it, I may try running a lip brush on the ball and then applying the stain with the brush for a more controlled application.

I applied to stain and let it dry, I then licked my lips. WOW! That was a mistake! It almost tasted like that stuff you put on your nails so you won't bite them...but not quite that bad. BLECK! I walked into the bathroom to check the color and was very shocked! this color is very bright pink...almost fuschia. Definitely not the right color for me. Although, it did bring out my brown eyes..I was worried I would scare my son when I picked him up from pre-school.

To prevent scaring my son...or the mail-man, I attempted to remove the stain with a facial cleansing towlette. I scrubbed and rubbed my lips with both the normal side and the exfoliating side of the cloth until my lips hurt. The vast majority of the stain was removed, but some still lingered--I imagine it was the parts of my lips that were the dryest that were hanging on to the stain. After that, I proceded to eat a couple cookies, drink water from a water bottle, drink a cup of coffee from Starbucks and eat a danish. Some of the stain still lingered!!

So for staying power and doing what a lip stain is SUPPOSED to do...I give this a great rating. I'm just not thrilled with the color selection and my apparent bad choice. I DO plan to return this and pick up another color, hopefully it will be less shocking than Cherry Tart.