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Lipstick That Stays! ..But How Do I Take It Off!

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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Ladies, I think we've all had it happen...you kiss your man and he's wearing your lipstick! or the annoying/embarrasing lipstick print left on your drinking glass or coffee cup...Even more annoying yet, the smearing, the feathering, and the constant reapplying! Well, this is it! I've found it! The stay put, smear proof, kiss proof, drink proof and ridiculously hard to remove lipstick!

CoverGirl outlast SmoothWear...available in about 27( Satin & luminescent) different shades. It comes in a lipgloss style "tube" with a sponge tip wand applicator, and with a second "tube" of conditioning moisture top coat (that one twists up like a lipstick). This stuff lasts 8 hours and while I have never worn it for more than 8 hours...I'm almost positive it may just stay on longer!


So, you really have to have a steady hand when you are applying this lipstick! It has that wand applicator I mentioned earlier so it is pretty easy to apply. It IS THIN and I mean THIN! However when you first pull the wand out there is a lot of excess product on it! Take some off before you try to apply or you will have a mess! I put this on and the directions say to put on a thin, even coat...and then let dry...yes let DRY...This stuff drys and SETS like paint! If the coat you put on is uneven, it looks uneven when it dries...and even though it's thin, it is NOT lacking any color. Also if you put to much on, then when it dries, it looks cakey. It will look dry once it sets ( it takes less than a minute to set)...this is where the top moisturizing coat comes in. The top coat comes in a slender twist up stick. it has a slanted end for easier application. This goes on smooth and has a creamy feeling, it is not at all sticky.It is clear. This top coat takes the dry/matte look away from the set color coat, it also enhances the color you have applied. Neither one of these has a fragrance as far as I can tell. However the color coat has a very faint taste kind of like the smell of nail polis. This goes away when it drys. The top coat has no smell, and no taste.

oK..so I got it all applied and decided to test it! I mean after applying the top coat...my lips looked glossy...or like I has regular lipstick on. I thought to myself "No way is this stuff gonna stay put!" So I took a sip from my white coffee mug, and looked down at the rim expecting to see Chocolate Satin (thats the color I was wearing) lip prints. There wasn't any...not even a tiny hint of it! I was in shock! I licked my lips, then ran to look in the mirror..still there..I then ran my finger over my bottom lip..still NOTHING! Not even a smudge! No color on my finger either! So I ran up to my husband and kissed him a good one on his cheek...He wasn't wearing it! At this point I was in shock! So I decided to TRY and take the stuff off . This proved to be a challenge. I used a tissue and gave a few good rubs some it came off but there was still alot of color...I rubbed some more, still COLOR...at this point my lips looked stained...I didn't have any make up remover so I used some lotion I had . This did the trick after a few passes. The next time I wore this stuff I was ready! I had make up remover on hand! and it came off easily.

Couple notes about this stuff! If you are wearing this all day (or night)..you will probably have to touch up the top coat after 2-3 hours. or more often if you are eating or drinking alot. JUST THE TOP COAT! I never had to reapply the color coat EVER! This keeps the dry look away!

Ok, I don't wear this very often because I don't go out much but I do like it. If you are looking for a stay put lipstick that really stays put and doesn't look crusty then this a good one for you to try! Just be sure to have make up remover on hand!

I believe these are about 9.99-12.99 in most stores, it comes with both the color and the top coat.

I being the Ebay addict that I am, got mine on Ebay and paid $4.99 for 2...(there's a guy who sells them buy 1 get one free and free shipping)