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Liquid Chlorofresh For A Healthier You

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Nature's Way Chlorofresh is a natural chlorophyll liquid extract made from alfalfa. After learning the health benefits of liquid chlorophyll, I knew my family had to try it. When I first saw the green liquid, I was amazed at how dark it was. It reminded me of green food coloring. I put a tablespoon in a juice glass and proceeded to add water, as suggested by reviews written on a Chlorofresh retail website. My husband was watching me and said, "Whoa, wait a minute, why are you putting so much water in there? I don't want to prolong this." Therefore, I drank that glass and put less water in his.

Nature's Way Chlorofresh comes in two flavors, mint and natural. I chose mint because some reviews I read said the natural flavor is nasty tasting. The mint is not bad but it's not good like a peppermint patty, it's just mint. The flavor is not overwhelming at all. Though it is liquid, there is a faint texture, almost like grit, as if you just drank Pepto Bismol. However, it is not thick like Pepto. After you get over the initial drink, you experience a hint of a cool feeling in your mouth.

Two hours after my first dose, I began feeling gassy. I am sorry to put it out there like that but I thought you might like to know. After all, this is touted as an intestinal cleanser. The gas was not painful or uncomfortable, I just broke wind.

The next morning I decided to try my Chlorofresh dose straight this way the mint taste is stronger and the grit is more pronounced. The liquid turned my tongue green, which wore away after a while. I encouraged my husband and daughter to try it straight but they preferred it watered down.

Later that morning, I felt the urge to use the bathroom. This is normal for me, as I am a morning bathroom person. I did my business, and I am here to tell you, it was green! This was 24 hours after my first dose. My oldest daughter told me the night before her urine had a greenish hue to it. My urine did not get the green tint until the second day.

This green effect was encouraging to me because it indicated the Nature's Way Chlorofresh was indeed working. My husband is not one to share his biological functions, or colors, with the family but he said he went well. This is great for him, he is on prescription pain medicine, and the medication usually constipated him.

By the end of day two, my husband and I both had the feeling this liquid chlorophyll stuff was really working. We did not get the usual mid-day sluggishness. I also started noticing a cool-ish feeling all over my body (I am usually very hot natured).

We have taken Chlorofresh for one week now. I feel better. The directions on the bottle recommend taking 1-2 tablespoons twice a day. I am taking one tablespoon before meals and one before bed. I feel spreading out the dosage through the day works better for me.

I am regular and feel good, though number two is still green, number one has lightened up a bit. The odor is not as pronounced as it was. I feel more energetic and did not need to take a nap mid-day all last week. Getting results like this in just one week is encouraging. I wrote an article about the benefits of liquid chlorophyll, if you are interested in reading more about the supplement, see "Liquid Chlorophyll the Ultimate Supplement for Health."

Nutritional information:

Calories: 5

Total Carbohydrate: 2 g

Copper: 4 mg

Sodium 5 mg

Chlorophyll in Copper Complex: 100 mg

Other Ingredients: Water, Glycerin (vegetable derived), Oil of Mint.

The bottle does not mention refrigeration is required. However, I read online that Liquid Chlorophyll should be refrigerated to maintain potency.

Note: In my image, I have a pourer installed in the bottle. This really helps for reducing spills. As good as this is for you, Nature's Way Chlorofresh is a miserable, staining concoction. The green cannot be removed from fabric at all. I would watch out for spilling it on anything, as a little dripped on the counter once and I can still see a hint of green there. I learned to pour all the dosages over the sink as a precaution.

Update On Feb 17, 2011: I have since tried two other brands of Liquid Chlorophyll. If you are interested in reading about them, you can see "Bernard Jensen's Liquid Chlorophyll: Not for Me" and "Now: The Perfect Brand of Liquid Chlorophyll for Me."