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Liquid Silk...Not Too Slick?

Reviewing: Liquid Silk By Bodywise Liquid Silk Lubricant  |  Rating:
roxyroo By roxyroo on
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At $7.00 for 50ml (1.69 fluid oz), I expect a lubricant to perform miracles of the bedroom variety.

Liquid Silk is praised left and right and up and down (and in and out!) by the majority of women I know. Babeland was having a special, so I tested it out to mix up the old Astroglide tradition (rut, really).

I'm not sure I love it. It lacks the sticky, tacky quality that glycerin-based lubricants are cursed with (Astroglide being a prime offender). That also is good for pH balance, apparently, as glycerin is akin to sugar in the system, and sugar down there is a no-no.

The product is thick and white, rather like a non-sticky school glue. The dispenser is flip-top and thankfully doesn't get slick. Liquid Silk dries to a, well, silky finish on the skin. That's very nice to fall asleep after, of course.

But I think it may be part of the problem--there's no slip the product at all. It seems to go quickly, too, as I've diminished about 1/8th of the bottle in only two weeks (hush, now! none of that!). It didn't irritate me, and it did its job (though it did have to be refreshed often!).

While it does have its ups (completely non-tacky, with no sticky residue or taste, no glycerin), it also has equally as many cons (costly, no slip/glide at all, runs out very quickly).

It's a good product for those who prefer more friction and want a healthier alternative to mainstream lubricants.