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Liquid Virgin Lubricant ??

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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Ok ladies…this product Liquid Virgin Lube is said to be a vaginal contracting personal lubricant. This product is supposed to tighten our most intimate areas with just a few drops. The idea of the product I’m sure is of interest to a lot of women, especially those of us who have had children. At least all of the women friends I have have expressed concerns about what their sex life (tightness) would be like after delivering a baby. Some of their husbands have been REALLY concerned about what it would be like as well.

I mean, I’ve seen medical type shows where women are having surgical procedures done that restore their virginity…??? It’s expensive and it said on the show...only good for a short time…one night (or usage rather) or something!? So, I know this subject is one that women (and men) take kind of seriously. So the question. IS THIS A PRODUCT THAT WORKS?

Let’s look at the ingredients listed on the bottle.

Deionized water, aloe Vera extract, glycerin, potassium alum, xanthan gum, hydropropl, methylcellulose, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, , hydrolyzed collagen, sodium benzoate, DL menthol, calcium chloride, propylparaben, citric acid.


Apply a few drops to desired area 15 minutes prior to any activity for desired results.


While I would like to be able to tell you…YES! I FOUND THE RE-VIRGINATING POTION!!!...I can’t. The bottle says...and I quote “It makes every time like the first time” ….Give me a break!! (And I’m not talking about a Kit Kat Bar either!) Just give me a BREAK!!! What is harder to see (the fine print on the bottle) and they don’t include clearly in their advertising...is that “this product is sold as an adult novelty only”.

I got this product as a gift (a gag gift) from my staff when I worked at the Adult store years ago. …YES I did try it! And NO...it didn’t make a difference. I will say that it worked well as personal lubricant… I liked that aloe Vera extract was the second ingredient. It IS really long lasting (as a lubricant), non-staining, and cherry scented. The liquid is thin, and clear.

I’ve had some people report that it worked...they felt twitching …they’re husbands said that they felt a difference…I believe that it was all in their heads. There was absolutely NO tightening effect what so ever when I used it. Not even a tingle! LOL! I don’t think there are even any ingredients that would cause a tightening/contracting effect…Don’t be fooled by the reviews on the websites that sell this Liquid Virgin Lube! Or if a sales person tells you”Oh, It works… it’s great” …I refused to tell my customers that, however if they were looking for a great gag gift. This is one of the things I would recommend.

I got this as a gift however this product is sold in adult stores and online for $8.95 to 14.95 for a 1floz bottle….Save your money folks this is not a miracle Virgin Again product! It is hilarious as a gag gift…for the right person! It really does perform better as a personal lubricant but there are other products out there that work the same or better and are better priced.

I would like to explain my rating. I gave this product a 1 ..because even though it is an ok lubricant, it does NOT tighten they way they claim it does, and I think that even though they DO mark the bottle (in super fine print) I feel they market in a somewhat misleading way.