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Lisinopril Generic Name

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Lisinopril is a medicine doctors give you to help control blood pressure and sometimes for other medical conditions. Lisinopril is the generic name. The brand name is different. Lisinopril is what is known as an ACE inhibitor which stands for angiotensin converting enzyme. I started taking this medicine at 10 mg a day but it was not working well enough so they increased my dosage to 20 mg a day. This medicine is barely controlling my blood pressure and I've heard this complaint before with others who take it.

This medicine has known side effects so if you are asked to take this please discuss these with your doctor BEFORE you take the medicine especially if you're pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant.

Also discuss with a doctor if you have kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis or heart disease. Also you should inform your doctor if you're allergic to any other ace inhibitor.

Side effects I have heard of include: (I have no side effects with this medicine)

feeling light-headed, fainting, dizziness, drowsiness, headache

fever, chills, body aches

tired feeling, muscle weakness, pounding or uneven heartbeats

weight gain