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Listen To The Music Sharper Image Mp3

Reviewing: The Sharper Image Sharper Image Mp3 Wma Player  |  Rating:
By kyylw on
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The Sharper Image MP3 Player is a small, basic MP3/WMA player. The sound quality from the MP3 player is great - no matter where the volume is at (which ranges from 1-30). Style is simple and basic. Maybe 1/4 of an inch thick and 3 inches tall, it's the perfect pocket size.

Using the Sharper Image MP3 player is not an easy task, however. Music gets arranged automatically by Album, and then seperated into categories after that which I have not been able to figure out. It will only play through one folder at a time, and getting back to the other folders is a pain - speed is a huge issue for this MP3 player. Slow and steady may win the race, but it aggravates the music wanter.

Graphically, the Sharper Image MP3 player doesn't do very well either. The first screen shown when you turn the MP3 on is a flowery field under a blue sky with "Welcome" written in a displeasing font. Then you're faced with a very close to 8-bit quality menu, where you can proceed to be confused by the placement of your music.

This MP3 player can support video, ebooks, music and audio, so functionality's a selling point. It's also a nice 2GB, erfect for anyone who doesn't download 5 albums every day.

Overall, the Sharper Image MP3 player accomplishes everything it should - good sound quality, acceptable memory and decent functionality. There are a few things that aren't so great, but life ain't perfect.