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Listerine Smart Rinse For Kids

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chesneychic By chesneychic on
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I have two young children and am always concerned with if they are brushing their teeth good enough. As soon as I saw the Listerine Smart Rinse I had to buy it. It is a fluoride rinse that helps prevent cavities and also helps remove any food or bacteria that is left on your teeth. It tints all the leftover things that you did not brush and as you spit the mouthwash in the sink it shows you how good of a job you did.It comes in three different flavors and I bought the berry kind. As soon as I opened the mouth wash I knew my kids were going to hate it. It was a very strong alcohol smell and it took me a very long time to even convince them to try it. Once they did they immediately spit it out they said the taste was horrible. I went ahead and tried it and it is definitely way to strong for a child. It did do as it claimed because I did see some brown spots in the sink.

It comes in a bottle that has a tube in the middle it almost looks like a straw. The directions say to squeeze the front and back of the bottle and fill the cap to the line then any access mouthwash will go back down the tube. I had no trouble at all the first time getting the mouth wash out but the next day I squeezed and squeezed and could not get any out. My husband was finally able to get it out but he had to use almost all of his strength so it would be impossible for my kids to do by their selves.

We used this for three days but between my kids crying about the flavor and how hard it was to get out of the bottle we stopped. I think it is a great idea but they need to redo the bottle and make the tastes not as strong.