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Littermaid Elite Lme9000 Automatic Litterbox

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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Automatic rake

As a cat lover and owner I am always on the look out for new products that will make the cats-in-the-house situation better, cleaner and less smelly. That is why I decided to buy the Littermaid Elite LME9000. The Littermaid is a self-cleaning automatic litter box which features a rake that automatically rakes through the litter and pushes clumps of soiled litter in to a disposable receptacle. It is supposed to be improved from many years ago when it first came out. I owned one then and was fairly happy with it so I went ahead and bought the new and improved model.

The improvements, supposedly, are that it is bigger, as well as having an Ionic air cleaner and a digital timer. It is also supposed to be able to handle the waste from "multiple" cats. Well, I have two cats, one that weighs around 15 pounds so I was happy to know that this model was made for more than one cat and, according to the box, big cats at that. I bought the Littermaid and brought it home. It wasn't long before I started to notice shortcomings in its many claims of improvement and effectiveness.

First, it isn't all that much bigger. The interior measurements, the area where the cat must be in order to attend to business, is 12"x 13.5" x 1.5" not all that big considering my largest cat is every bit as big. It came with a hood but I was unable to use it because my biggest cat's ears scraped against it while he was inside the box, something he couldn't tolerate. If your cat is small this probably won't be a problem but if you have big cats it just might.

Second, I found that humidity reduces its effectiveness significantly preventing the litter from clumping correctly and causing problems with the automatic rake, which rakes thru the litter and pushes clumps into the disposable receptacle. The room where I have my box is not air-conditioned and this has been a problem all summer.

Third, the disposable receptacles that hold the soiled litter are much too small. Two cats, one that is admittedly large, easily produce enough waste to fill the receptacle to overflowing in just one day. These receptacles are expensive, I think I spent $19 for a box of 12.

Overall, the Littermaid Elite has some good points; the receptacles do make it easy to get rid of the soiled litter. And the fact that the soiled litter is contained and covered reduces odor greatly. I would still recommend it to others, provided they have only one cat, and they are made aware of the cons that do exist.

I searched the Littermaidsite for information on a warranty but found nothing. I would suggest you call the company or contact them through the web site before you buy this product.