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Little Bead Boxes Create Trinket Boxes

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When the cold days of winter come creeping in I usually find that my 'creative self' wants to come out and play - a lot. I have far too many interests for the average person to keep up with and often I don't have near the time to indulge, but in winter, when it's too cold to go anywhere (so I tell myself) then it's the perfect excuse to pull out some books, some supplies and just bury myself amongst all my creative endeavors. That I need to add yet another interest such as this Little Bead Boxes enticement? No. That I want to? Definitely!

Last evening while at the library checking some books out for my readaholic husband I sauntered down the arts aisle as I normally do and there on a shelf was a brand new book Little Bead Boxes. I have dabbled in beading on and off over the years so the idea of being able to create boxes - intricate little things that could hold things like rings, earrings, pennies or other little items that often times find themselves scattered across my vanity - I was intrigued.

The author, Julia S. Pretl, does an excellent job of providing the necessary step by step instructions to create each little box. The book offers up step by step instructions for creating a variety of box shapes - most look oriental in nature, to me anyway - but then, I am very much into Oriental anything and according to my children - I can see an Oriental flavor within a sugar cube! The style of boxes that can be made are many including a flat lid that fits inside the box, lids that fit over the sides, flat lids that fit recessed tops, lids that fit over recessed tops and small lids over recessed tops. Box shapes are in octagon, square, triangular, oblong and even a little pagoda style (there's where the oriental flavor shows up most).

All of the boxes are made using the peyote stitch and are worked similar to the increase required when crocheting. This book goes into great image filled detail every step of the way to ensure your success. There are a number of different patterns included such as Kaleidoscope, Egyptian, Red knot, Tuffet, Deco Pagoda and even a Dragon pattern (oh you know I'm going to tackle those last two!) etc., for each different shape of box.

The peyote stitch can be a tricky stitch to learn but once mastered, there are numerous things that can be created with nothing more than beads and string - this is a great little book that is just 112 pages in length but packed into it is a great deal of learning material that once mastered can allow you to just let your imagination run!

This book is good for any level of beader so even if you have never picked up beads or thread before? Now you have no excuse not to! Great book, highly recommended.