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Little Kiddles Dolls Still As Adorable!

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Clover Bee By Clover Bee on
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I played with Little Kiddle dolls as a child. They were my favorite dolls to play with because they were so small and portable and I could carry them around everywhere (even church). I had all the varieties, the locket dolls that you wore as necklaces, the ones that came as perfumes, the fairies, all of them. I have a few of them left from my childhood. But my absolute favorites were the Little Skediddles.

Little Skediddles walk. They have a little push roller on the back that makes their feet move in a smooth motion and they will walk across any smooth surface. Unfortunately, they were not quite as durable as some of the other Little Kiddles and I broke them quickly making them walk all over the place.

I have a huge collection of miniature dolls. You can see a small portion of them in my curio cabinet above including Sheila Skediddle. She was always my favorite because our hair color was the same. My mom said she was .59 cents in 1968 when she bought her for me. Many times. I was 4. Last year, I went to Ebay and searched for her and after a few weeks she came up for bid. I ended up paying $57.00 including shipping and there were over 40 bidders for her. I know that may sound crazy to many of you, but the memory of that doll is so precious to me. She still walks and she's in mint condition, but I won't play with her nor let anyone take her out of the cabinet.

Since then, I have purchased a few other Kiddles for much less, mostly the smaller locket ones. I believe they will only increase in value. But Sheila is mine forever. Now, if I could only find my cherished teepee pocketbook that my parents bought me in Cherokee North Carolina.....

Update On Jun 02, 2008: I just checked ebay and the Sheila Skediddle is going for for up to $200. Wow, I'm glad I got her when i did. Now $57 seems a big bargain. Wow. I'm not telling hubby or he'll want me to auction her off. He is not one for sentiment.

Update On Jun 07, 2008: I recently priced the 1967 Sheila Skediddle Doll. I paid $57.00 for her a few years ago. She is now going for $202 dollars without shipping. I think Liddle Kiddle dolls in mint or near-mint condition are one of the best collectible investments you can make right now. Not that I would ever sell mine. I only bought her because I had her when I was 3 - 4 and kept playing with her until she broke. She's on of my earliest memories. I wish when I bought her, I'd bought a lot more of her. If you ever run across one at a flea market or garage sale, scoop it up. Any miniature doll. You never know. As long as she's priced at flea market or garage sale prices, even if she's dirty, you may have a hidden gem on your hands.