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Little Miss Liberty Round Baby Crib

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By usplusthree on
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We are so happy to have this crib. My husband always wanted a round crib. When we decided to have our third child he said well this time we will get it! So we saved from the start to get this crib. But we lucked out because a friend of ours gave us one free as a gift. We were so excited.

We brought this crib home and set it up right away. We didn't even have instructions. It was so easy to put together. I called and ordered the canopy railings from www.crib.com I got a really great deal from taht company. Just so happened they had them half off. What luck huh?

I was so excited to get it up and started shopping right away for bedding. I was afraid it was going to be terribly expensive. But as luck would have it, we found tons of round crib bedding on Ebay for great prices!

This bed is so stylish and when you walk in you never get tired of seeing it. It made my nursery space just so special to us. Everyone that comes in ooohs and aaahhs over it.

Not only is it pleasing to look at, it is made so well. The crib is made in the U.S.A which is a huge plus for us. It is molded from a very strong, Lexan (and high-impact plastic components. So no worries about lead poisoning .My daughter has chewed the railings and you can't see any marks in it. I don't have to worry about her getting paint chips in her mouth or wood splinters.

It is very easy to clean by just wiping it down. The color has never changed or faded.

And here is my favorite feature. This thing has so much room in it. My daughter is tall for her ate at 13 months old. When standing up she can let got of the rail and fall back and be nowhere near hitting the other side. I feel safe with her in this crib. We still have this on the highest setting. That gives us longer use of this crib. As she grows we can just move it on down. Most cribs only have one drop down rail. This one has two. So you can place it anywhere in the room and have access.

I will be really sad when she becomes a big girl. I hate to stop using this crib. It could get pricey on some budgets but if you are planning to have more children it is so work the money!! I will be able to pass this crib down to my Grandchildren because it is constrcted so well!

All in all I would definitely recommend this crib to anyone. I have nothing bad to say about it.