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Little Pim

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I read so much about the benefits of introducing foreign language to our children at a young age. The young child absorbs so much in the first few years. This is the time to really teach our children. I decided to choose a language and present it to my children through a DVD series. I checked online and picked "Little Pim". I chose Spanish because I took Spanish in junior high and high school. I also took Spanish in College. My children already knew some Spanish from their favorite "Dora, the Explorer" and "Go Diego Go". They could speak some words and knew the correct English and meaning of the word. They could also count to ten in Spanish, so why not Spanish. Little Pim comes in various languages just check out their website: www.LittlePim.com My set consists of three DVDs 1. Eating and Drinking 2. Wake Up Smiling 3. Playtime. Each DVD is 35 minutes in length. Little Pim is the star, a Panda Bear. Each DVD focuses on learning the Spanish word for a particular task which is related to that particular DVD. A ball will be shown on the screen then the Spanish word for ball (una pelota) will be shown and spoken. This DVD series set is a more plain and simple way for your child to learn a foreign language and as mentioned, you can choose from many languages not just Spanish. I find this useful for adults too. You can learn along with your child and reinforce the learning. Pretty cool!