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Little River Band: 'Greatest Hits'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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‘Lonesome Loser' starts this Little River Band: ‘Greatest Hits' album with an awesome opening flare. This band had radio hit after radio hit, and this is a great collector's item. This band had many more besides this one.

‘Help Is On The Way', was another great song, and this one keeps your chin up. It is a fantastic song. This song is followed by a song that every living soul knows. ‘Cool Change', is a spiritual journey into the next level. I think this ballad is one of the finest, most beautiful songs of all time. No better lyrics have ever been written. This one came from the soul.

‘Take It Easy On Me', is the #4 track on this grade A, collectors item. The feeling of this one is a love song, about letting it all go, and begging for one more chance. A very soft, but sparky song.

The fifth hit on this great production, is ‘Face In The Crowd'. It is this bands worst hit. I think this one stinks. I do not like it at all!

The #6 song is a favorite of mine, quickly lifting my spirit back up after the last mood masher. ‘Reminiscing', is a well-known love song. I think this is so dang classical, smooth, and dance worthy. I love this great one.

‘The Night Owls' brings me back to my younger days. This #7 track, is full of heavy beats and stressed vocals. The band could sure harmonize together. This one is the song about my generation.

‘Lady' and ‘We Two', are the 8th, and 9th on this list of Little River Band hits. ‘Lady', with its piano back up and the lead ballad harmony that this band shared, ripped the airwaves open with this fantastic love story. This is a dance song, as is ‘We Two', which stole the hearts of many. These are two great lover's songs indeed.

‘The Other Guy', was another radio hit that is still popular on the 80's channels I fumble upon when I am racing home during rush hour. My wife is especially fond of this tight piece. I think there might have been another man, laugh out loud.

The #11 song ‘Man On Your Mind', is another song that hit the airwaves upon release. This classic LRB title is a favorite of mine. I personally dig this 80's favorite. I was astounded by the similarities between this band, and Daryl Hall & John Oates.

The #12, is another great song. 'I'll Always Call Your Name' is a great slow dancing song to show the little lady how much you love her. Just get up from your chair, take her hand, and ask her to dance. Don't forget the kiss!

The 13th song ‘Down On The Border', was a good hit, but I really did not like it too much. Ill skip to the next, since ironically this song is skipping.

‘Happy Anniversary Baby', is a well-known title hit that we all can relate to. It is one of this bands greatest songs. My lady loves this one, as you can imagine.

The 15th, 16th, and 17th songs are as follows. ‘Playing To Win' at #15, is so-so. A great one is at #16 with ‘It's Not A Wonder', one which sounds like Nazareth and Great White in one. The #17 is ‘You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind', which is a flashy party song for sure. It is a great one as well, with a quick beat and extra instruments. It is quite the cantina song.

The last song on this highly recommended collectors item, ‘It's A Long Way There', is one fabulous song from this era of music. I think that this one is a great one, and one you will most likely remember. I love this Greatest Hits Collection of a band long gone. It is a winner. LRB lives!