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Little Spender

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donnabc By donnabc on
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When my son first started showing interest in money, I found this game and bought it for us to play at home. The game is a square of cardboard divided into squares around the edges (think monopoly). Each square has a picture of a common item (comb, popcorn, balloons, gum, party hat, etc). And each item pictures is assigned a monetary amount (ie. a comb is worth 19 cents; a balloon is 25 cents).

The players each get $5 in coins. You take turns spining the spinner and move the number of spaces it says. If you land on a corner spot you GET money. If you land on one of the side spots you PAY money. The object is for the kids to learn what coin combinations add up to the designated amounts on the board.

One con I have about this game is that the "money" is printed on plain white cardboard squares. It is not colored in any way. We actually used REAL money. I kept a big plastic container of coins to play the game with. We also played with LESS money $2.00 to be exact and would set the number of times we would go around the board in advance. And I let my son keep the few cents he had left after the game was done. He always wanted to play :0)