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Littlest Pets Board Game

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kalar By kalar on
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The premise of this game appears to be that the game pieces must move around the game board with a stop at each pet shop, and somehow collect different colored cardboard pieces along the way.

When my five year old, thirteen year old, and my husband and I sat down for our first game of Littlest Pets, we were all immediately taken with the adorable bunny, dog, cat and turtle bobbleheads that make up the game pieces. The fun, however, stopped there.

I carefully reviewed and explained the rules and our game got under way.

As the game progressed, it was clear that we were missing or not understanding part of the instructions. The rules for spinning and how many spins each player gets per turn were interpreted differently by myself, my husband, and oldest daughter. Further confusion ensued when we looked at the board and realized that there didn't seem to be enough spaces to move from or to. It appeared one could make it around the entire board on only a few spins.

We read and reread the two pages of instruction out loud to each other, but this only caused more confusion. The rules that applied to spinning were arbitrary and made no sense. The accompanying game pieces were cheap card board, and no one could figure out which pieces were "good" and which were "bad".

Other than counting the too few spaces to move the adorable game pieces, there are very few skills to be learned from this game.

In the end, we declared my five year old a winner, because she had made it around the board first, although we were not convinced that she had the correct cardboard pieces, or that she had "done" everything at the four pet shop "stops" on the board.

Needless to say, this game was shoved to the back of the closet, with the hope that no one will remember its there.