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Live It Up Like Tut

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Last September I had a 200.00 credit with Southwest burning a hole in my pocket. I asked my husband where he would like to go and he said anywhere we can get to for 200.00. So we went to Vegas. ( Southwest had a Ding special) After booking our flight, we had to decide where to stay. We had never been to Vegas, and the only preconcieved notions I had came from CSI. I started doing the online thing and we decided on the Luxor. We thought, "If we're going to Vegas we might as well be over the top. And the Luxor is certainly over the top.

The Luxor is located on the end of the strip nearest the airport. A lot of folks want to stay mid-strip, but it didnt' bother us. The Vegas traffic is just unbelieveable, so if you go I suggest that you skip the rental car and get a ticket to ride the "Deuce". The Deuce is a double decker bus that runs up and down the Vegas Strip twenty-four hours a day. A 24 hours pass is just $5, 00 and you can ride for as long and as many times as you like.

You get your first impression of the Luxor when you land at MacCarren airport. One of the first things you see is the Luxor. It is quiet impressive, even from a distance. When you get close to it and start taking it all in, you really appreciate the details. Every little thing just screams ancient Eqypt. It, like all the newer resorts in Vegas is just huge. I believe it has about 3000 guest rooms, a large full-service casino, several bars, nightclubs and restaurants. The theming is carried out throughout the hotel, right down to the guestrooms which are decorated with familiar Egyptian motifs. You can choose from either a tower or pyramid room or suite. We, of course, being the tourists that we are chose a pyramid room. The exterior wall of our room was slanted, like you imagine the interior of a pyramid would be. The elevators in the pyramid sections did not go straight up and down--oh no--they went up and down on an incline, thus the name-- inclinators. A word is born.

Our check-in was fast and effecient, the hotel staff was friendly and helpful, the food and drinks were good and affordable, just like Vegas is supposed to be. I got a great deal on our room by signing up at the Luxor website ( a good idea for anyone thinking about going to Vegas) and making our reservations on-line through the Luxor site. We paid $89.00 a night for a room. I can't even get a decent room in Columbus Ohio for that!

The only problem with the Luxor, is it is beginning to show it's age a bit. I read that the Tower rooms have been recently rennovated, so I am sure the Pyramid will soon follow.

All in all, we really enjoyed the Luxor and the price was right. Oh yes, I almost forgot, I came our 42 cents ahead on the penny slots. I'm a big winner!