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Livevil: The End Of Ideology

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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I am proud to announce that Walla Walla, Washington has finally produced a band like no other from the Pacific Northwest, ever. This band will blow away any band of today. A groundout homegrown rag-tag group of four have come together and done what no band of today can do. They have mastered the sound of old; new and in-between with a style that mocks the want-to-be generation of heavy metal calling themselves anything but true metal. This band is true metal as it gets.

I will give them credit for being 100 times better than I thought they would be. In a short time they have gone from garage band to the top of the line. I am going to give this band the ‘Best New Band of the Year' award with a ten star rating and a ‘Better Than the Rest' adage and guarantee that any metal lover will say "Thanks WebWizard for this great find and awesome information".

Tyler Usko is the guitar genius, Ben Grandstaff is on bass, Nick Page is the drummer, and the best vocalist of today's scene is Matt Hutcherson. This band is so on top of the world right now, because the word is spreading like fire now that they have produced a CD that Dime Bag Darrel would praise from his grave amongst the best of all time. Tyler gets recognition as being top-notch and phenomenal. This Pantara-like band that stomps the sound of Metallica is going straight to number one. I predict they reach complete fame. I guarantee this band is the best of today.

The self produced and labeled CD titled ‘LIVEVIL: The End of Ideology' is on sale and available through Hot Poop and Hastings. You can find info on the band at the links I will leave for you at the end of my review.

There are nine songs on the CD as follows:

#1 My Time

#2 Resurrect

#3 P.O.W

#4 The End of Ideology

#5 Get Cha' Pull

#6 Duncan

#7 The Joy of Being Painted

#8 Sworn by It

#9 Cliché

Every song on this CD will be noticed, and the radio stations are having a day with this band. I see ‘Sworn By It' making the top of the metal charts immediately. This band is worth ten times the $10.00 CD charge to music lovers like me. I am hooked, indefinitely.

The best song on this CD that would appeal to music lovers of all types is #9 ‘Cliché'...which says it all.

On top of the high recommendation to buy this CD, I want to give an extra high light to my son, Nathan Furrow, who has worked hard to be noticed as a professional artist in the music world. Nathan ‘Badger' Furrow did all the artwork on this CD. I guess the best knew who the best is. Congratulations to the band and I wish them ‘Ozzy Osbourne- like' success. The world has been waiting for these guys.