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Loaded Questions Is Loads Of Fun

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Every weekend I have off, I try and go to my friend's house to drink beers on the porch. A bunch of us will hang out and we play this game called "Loaded Questions" which my friend owns. I absolutely love it. The game is a board game. This game is 3 to 6 players. This game is ages 13&up. You start off with your board piece and roll the dice to see who goes first. The one with highest number goes first.

After that, the person (Player 1) going first will roll the dice again to decide where they start. Player 1 will land on a color. They then draw a card and read a question on that card from that color. Now everyone will have a numbered answer pad. Player 1 will then read a question aloud such as "If you could have one superpower, what would it be?". Then all the players except Player 1, will write down their answers on the answer pad with their name on it. Then everyone will write down their answers (and yeah we will usually put some funny answers).

Everyone then passes their answer pads to the person to the right of Player 1 and that person will read out the answers. Player 1 then needs to guess who said what. Each correct answer, they will get to move one space ahead for their next turn.

There is also a spot on the board, you can land on called a Reversal. When a player lands on that, that means they read the question aloud and write down their answer to the question. Then the rest of the players have to guess correctly what that person said. Now if no one gets it correct, then that player has to remain on the Reversal spot their next turn until someone guesses their answer correctly. If another player guesses what that player's answer was, they both get to move forward two spaces.

When a player reaches the finish line, the game is not over. They now can pick any color question from the card, but in order to win the game, they must guess the answers correctly for every player. The games get going until someone is able to do that and then they are the winner. This is such a fun game. I definitely suggest it.